Automation of kids playground

Software for account automatization in kids playgrounds,child care and anti-cafes. Everything the most important is in the one product: order record, cost of time calculation, customers track, staff control. Now you know and control everything in your business. Everywhere and always!

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Order management

Easy manage orders. In one simple interfase you can sell goods, track customers, applie discount, print bill.

Time tarification

The system calculates the cost of time to visit the place, depending on tariff plan been chosen.


Common customers database which includes contact information, orders statistics, discounts and notifications.

Stock management

Control you in-stick balance, purchases and sales.

Time saving

Save your time. All operation can be done in just several clicks what protects you from routine.

Employee control

The total control of your employees – control of all their actions, clear KPI, difereent access levels.

Business transparency

Order control system helps you to avoid business risks and mistakes, cash gaps, and theft by employees.

Flexible reports

Flexible report system allows you to be aware about all the changes in your business.

Fast implementation

The system is easy to use, and don't require to spent a lot of time to learn, implement and support.

Easy to use

System's intuitive interface allows your employees to get start quickly and to avoid mistakes.


All data is securely encrypted and safely stored in the Cloud.


You can control your business from any place in the world and from any device throught Internet.

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Playroom automation

In the modern business lines dedicated to children's leisure are becoming more and more popular. There are playrooms in every shopping center (and other public places) where parents can leave their children for a while and do their stuff, take a rest or go for shopping, while children are being looked for. It's a very attractive and dynamic industry, but like every there, this kind of business has its own specifics of business processes which hamper the work and take a lot of staff's time, so the playroom automation, registration of children, track of time and money are very serious issues.

To make the business to start generating the stable income, the proven system of management and automation of business processes in the children playroom is needed. Financial accounting service PlayGround CRM – is the first cloud solution for management and automation of children playroom, thus it's favorably distinguished by its user friendliness, stability, wide range of functional possibilities and prices, as well as setting up for the customers' needs. For each little visitor system opens the order(automatically with the use of discount smart-cards or manually) with the time of the visit start, parents' contacts, the calculation of the additional services and other information if needed. The system allows to configure flexibly configure tariff plans, according to which will be calculated the time spent in the playground. After visit finishes, the system calculates the cost (with additional services, if any) and print the check. The order is saved for reporting and viewing statistics in the future. PlayGround CRM is a very convenient cloud solution which came to replace the standard computer programs for playrooms. The system also has the following features: flexible tariff plans settings, accounting of sales of services and goods, personalization of clients (personal cards issue to the regular clients) and the introduction of discount program, calculation of bonuses for staff, cost of goods accounting and control of stock, data export and even much more.

To start to use the children playroom automation system register the free account. You don' need to download any software, you just need Internet access. Playground CRM can be used on any operational systems and with any devices (laptops, tablets, phones and so on).

There are a lot of ways to increase the security and to strengthen the control over the children. For example, parents receive the smart-card which further helps to identify the child. Moreover, in the system will be implemented the functional of personalized customer accounting. You also can save photos, clients’ passport and contact information. This functional also allows to maintain client database, to receive the detailed statistical data about playground, to maintain the accumulative bonus system, implementation of informational mailing lists.

Because PlayGround CRM is a cloud service, the business won’t have expenses related to support and updating of accounting system, and monthly system access fee allows investing minimum funds in automation. Regardless the geographical position owner of the business can easily get the actual information about the situation on the playground.

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  • We are working since 2013.
  • 99.999% uptime.